Speech Therapy

Speech therapy, also known as logopedics, is a discipline focused on the diagnosis and treatment of language, communication, and voice disorders. Our team of specialized speech therapists works with people of all ages, including children with ADHD and attention deficit, to improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills
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Who Our Speech Therapy Serves:

  • Speech Therapy for Children:

    • Language Delay
    • Stuttering or treatment for stuttering (Disfluency)
    • Articulation Disorders (Dislalias)
    • Reading and Writing Disorders
    • Childhood Articulation Issues
    • Speech Therapy for ADHD and Attention Deficit
    • Speech Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), etc.
  • Speech Therapy for Adults:

    • Aphasia
    • Dysphagia
    • Dysarthria
    • Reading and Writing Disorders
    • Voice and Speech Disorders
    • Speech Therapy for Swallowing Issues, Choking.

How we treat the pathology and its symptoms:

  • Our team of specialized speech therapists offers individualized treatments tailored to the needs of each patient. For adults suffering from aphasia and dysarthria due to strokes, brain injuries, or neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, or Parkinson's, we implement specific speech and language exercises.

    In cases of attention deficit and language disorders, among others, we focus on enhancing communication and comprehension skills through everyday tasks and language therapy. We also employ games and playful activities as effective strategies in child speech therapy to encourage language development.

    We offer technological solutions such as specialized software and alternative communication devices to assist patients with speech impairments.

    Our services are available both at our center and in the comfort of your own home for maximum convenience.